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Let your heart fly, Homee creative cartoon windmill crayon

At the beginning of twenty-first Century, in Denmark Town, a few students, facing the winter nights, lunar night talk, the feeling of gratitude at times. At the same time, another friend sent home parcels, opened surprise, and found a card, which read: “home and love will always be together.””. A short sentence, so that they suddenly filled with warmth and kindness. HOMEE brand is the pursuit of comfortable human nature, with creative design as the concept, so that more people enjoy a happy home life. This windmill modelling crayon, safe non-toxic, heartily launches the imagination drawing, may let the child rest assured use.

MontBlanc: redefining writing tools

For a century, the German luxury brand MontBlanc (Montblanc) is through the internal brainstorming to the development and production of high-grade writing tools, in this year, they created a unwritten rule for the first time to cooperate with the “external” designer, invite the most productive and the most influential and “no design” designer Mark Newson (Marc Newson) design of the MontBlanc M (Montblanc M)”.
Using MontBlanc’s unique black precious resin for making, through diamond tools, grinding materials, molding smooth and elegant lines. MontBlanc’s iconic “white six star” by ultrasonic welding to both ends of the pen, to ensure that the surface of the pen is completely flat and smooth, even the platinum plated pen holder with “invisible” abnormal fitting cap. Full of luxury, and highlight the designer’s personal style, Mark Newson’s design can be described as MontBlanc has brought a new aesthetic language and modern trends.
In function, “MontBlanc M” is also arranged on the pen cap is an ingenious magnet, heard a click sound, a pen cap and a pen holder between has perfect alignment and closure. In September 2015, the MontBlanc M will have four versions of pens, ballpoint pens, neutral pens and touch pens

A ballpoint pen that matches intuition

This named Jellyfish pen uses a special structure to achieve extended and retracted tip: in the finger hold a pen is a pen just in the groove, the position of the groove of arch, when we write, press and hold the fingers will natural arch position, lead refill straight, protrusive thus, out of the nib. And when you don’t need to write, loosen your fingers and refill the arch. It naturally shortens and allows the nib to retract.
Source of information: the home of patents

Mysterious signature pen

Obviously, the contract was signed on the spot, obviously both parties signed, but after the event why the signature of the word, but mysteriously disappeared? But it is not related to a special pen called “automatic fading pen”……
A mystery pen sold on the market
In October 15th, the reporter in Xining city after the tiger Taiwan high school door, heard several students are discussing a neutral pen is very popular now, just listen to one student said: “you don’t know, I don’t have homework now, there is a correction with tape, use this pen to write the word, if wrong, a rub you can save more!” Another student immediately pick up the cavity: “there is a pen, you write the words after a while there is no, and once a test, because the exam result is too bad, with this pen changed the results, go home to let parents sign.”.” Reporters were curious to get to know the situation. A classmate told reporters, “now a pen sold at the school gate, you write the words are not erased, because after a while, handwriting disappeared clean.”.” Heard such a description, really surprised reporters. If someone uses this kind of pen to engage in illegal activities, the consequences can not be imagined.
Subsequently, the reporter went to Xining tiger middle school near several stationery shop, asked the owner of these two pens. The shopkeeper was pleased to bring the reporter to the front of a row of cabinets and picked up a neutral pen with the words “rub it on”, handing it to reporters, saying it was the most popular. It’s very convenient because it’s written wrongly. There is also a pen called “automatic fading pen”, students buy to play, because after writing, after a period of time, handwriting disappeared. Reporters observed roughly, and these two pens and ordinary neutral pen look, and no difference between, when using these two pens in writing on the paper, found that the writing of the color will be lighter. Use “rub easy to rub” this kind of pen to write, use the special eraser that comes with oneself, wipe without. According to the boss’s description, with automatic fading pen written words, and so on for a while, writing will disappear, the reporter had to write the words of the tape, and later found that the written word is indeed gone.
Alarm sounded by nonlocal cases
Subsequently, the reporter on the Internet search this automatic fading pen, and soon found a lot of information about this pen, the original criminals have been using automatic bleaching pen for illegal and criminal activities, and there are many people in action! Although this case has not been found in our province, it is still necessary to remind the public to beware of being deceived.
The reporter linked two related cases: Mr. Jiang from Shandong borrowed 300 thousand yuan to his friend Mr. li. When he got home, Mr. Jiang found that the signature of the borrower had disappeared! Even carefully, we can only see the left sign up the scratches, and the signature just disappeared. Mr. Jiang immediately called his friend and asked if he had taken the wrong contract when he left, but Mr. Li denied that he had never borrowed any money from him! Aware of the deceived Mr. Jiang immediately to the police, at the trial, Mr. Lee acknowledged the facts of the crime, and confessed himself with the process of auto fade pen scam. With the help of the police, Mr. Chiang eventually recovered the money he had cheated.

Creative office supplies: Creative pencils to eat

Dave Hakkens, a student at the Holland School of design, invented an edible pencil – a pencil to eat. It is estimated that because of the habit of biting the pen, the ordinary pen is neither taste nor taste, and he decided to change the situation after suffering. So he designed to improve the edible material as the penholder’s raw material.
Pencil to eat
After repeated tests, the pencil has been made and can be eaten as a bracelet. This completely solves the problem that some of your actions will benefit from your bad habits, so for the time being, this is a good thing.
Can eat a pencil (two)
Can eat a pencil (three)
Can eat a pencil (four)

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